Partnership in Education Program


The Optimist Club of Reno has partnered with the Veterans Memorial STEM Academy in Reno.  Veterans Memorial STEM Academy supports science, technology, education and math; and Optimist International is the “Friend of Youth.” Together this partnership enhances the relationship between education and Optimism and provides the youth with multiple opportunities.


Combined this program supports the goal of the Optimist Club of Reno to provide information and knowledge about youth programs focused on improving education within the greater Reno community.


The Board of Directors for the Optimist Club of Reno has agreed to fund a budget line item to provide funding to Veterans Memorial STEM Academy.  The amount of funding is dependent on the club’s fund-raising success and other factors.  For example during 2017 the club provided Veterans with two new picnic benches with dedication plaques.  Future items are based on a “needs assessment” provided to the club from the Veterans Memorial Principal.

Points of Contact for Further Information

2018-2019 Optimist Club of Reno President Randy Elliot 713-829-6165

2019 Veterans Memorial STEM Academy Principal Ms. Jeni Anderson, 775-333-5090